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How cannabis could help sleep and sleep-related disorders

Struggling to get a good night’s rest? Research shows that cannabis can have positive effects on sleep and may help alleviate a range of sleep-related disorders.

An uninterrupted eight hours of sleep can often seem like a faraway dream. The NHS estimates that one in three people in the UK suffer from insomnia, a condition which can be exacerbated by stress, anxiety, physical pain, and other sleep-related disorders. Insomnia is also linked to negative health outcomes which can then impact sleep,

High Seas Treaty: a global deal decades in the making

Late into the evening of March 5th 2023, after almost 40 hours of hard-fought negotiations led by conference Ambassador Rena Lee, nearly 200 countries struck a to protect international waters and the marine life below.

“After nearly two decades of discussions and negotiations, the agreement to a treaty text by UN member states is historic and a monumental win for marine biodiversity, as well as for multilateralism at a time when the world needs it most,” says Peggy Kalas, former director of the

Celebrating women in sustainability: 5 women working to change the world

Empowered women are fundamental to the pursuit of an equitable, prosperous future for all. Gender equality is Goal 5 of the UN’s 17 , and an ocean of research that despite being by global challenges including climate change, conflict and corruption, women also tend to hold solutions that can uplift all genders while solving (mostly) man-made problems. Gender inequality is not just bad for women, it’s bad for society and the economy. The speak for themselves: according to the , US$15-30trn in unr

Women in cannabis: exploring gender, race and equity in the industry

This International Women’s Day we explore the current state of diversity in cannabis, why female consumers are a golden business opportunity, and how Europe’s budding industry can address issues of gender and racial disparity from the start.

Gender equity and equality is ultimately about power: who has it, who controls it, and who is willing to share and shift it. Despite a record number of women in leadership roles in 2022, less than one-third (32%) of executive positions globally are held by

Cannabis and endometriosis: what we know so far

Endometriosis Awareness Month helps shine a light on a painful, poorly understood condition that affects hundreds of millions of women worldwide. Emerging research might explain why many are turning to cannabis to manage their symptoms.

One in 10 people live with endometriosis. That’s around 1.5 million women and individuals assigned female at birth.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissues normally found in the lining of the uterus grow elsewhere in the body. It can cause severe pelvic pain

Nature will save us: why banking on biodiversity is key to fighting climate change | Economist Impact

We need a market mindset shift to see nature as a valuable asset

What does this all mean from a market standpoint? Speakers noted that one of the highlights of the COP15 process was how supportive finance and business were of the GBF, and that it’s no longer a question of if but how to integrate natural capital into investment strategies.

“Maximising profit while saving nature is frontier stuff,” said Christopher Ford, head of government affairs for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at R3. “I

How does cannabis affect your relationships?

Studies show that cannabis may enable intimacy and empathy, but it can also cloud key emotions and become a burden in relationships.

My love affair with cannabis began well before I ever said “I love you” to a romantic partner. After 15+ years of dating, a time which involved a few serious relationships and many more short-lived sexual encounters, I’ve realised that cannabis has always been present, like a silent third partner supporting, harming or completely overwhelming my love life.

Like m

Getting intimate: 5 ways CBD can enhance your sex life

When it comes to sex, cannabis-based products can ease anxiety, pain, and maybe even increase your overall pleasure.

Life’s too short for bad sex. But sometimes pain (the non-pleasurable kind), stress or a million other mental or physical reasons can kill your libido and get in the way of a truly satisfying sex life.

Here’s how cannabis can help. Cannabis — both THC, CBD and an emerging number of cannabinoids — can ease anxiety, reduce pain, boost orgasms, and generally relax both body and min

Colonialism, class and crime: the racist roots of cannabis prohibition

Cannabis laws in the UK and US have a long, complex past. But no matter where you look, race is at the heart of the cannabis prohibition conversation.

The history of cannabis prohibition is a history of racism, classism and control. In the US, cannabis prohibitionist propaganda was used as a tool to criminalise Black communities and demonise Mexican immigrants throughout the 1900s (and, arguably, to this day).

In the UK, cannabis prohibition evolved slightly differently. As the power of the Br

Cannabis and cancer: everything you need to know

From palliative pain management to the side-effects of chemotherapy, cannabis can support cancer patients in significant ways. Some studies even suggest that cannabis could help treat, and possibly prevent, certain types of the disease.

Here’s what the science says.

The statistics sound scary: one in two people living in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. But fortunately, scientists are developing treatments that can truly kick cancer to the curb, with survival rates steadily increasing

Nature’s medicine: could cannabis be key in the fight for climate and biodiversity?

After decades of negotiations, almost 200 countries have agreed to a historic deal to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Cannabis could help get them to the goal while slashing carbon emissions in the process.

Planetary health is human health, and the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss threaten the very living systems we all depend on. But the good news is we already have the solutions.

To re-regulate our climate, we first need the heaviest polluters among us to r

Voices: Talking green tech and the "S" in ESG with Lubomila Jordanova

What exactly is "green" technology and how can it help organisations with environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies?

Lubomila Jordanova—CEO and co-founder of Plan A and co-founder of the Greentech Alliance—sits down with The Sustainability Project to talk about how green technology is necessary to power a sustainable future, but it is also only part of the solution.

The Obama Leader for Europe shares her thoughts on the rise of of the "Chief Sustainability Officer" (and why women a

How are consumers using CBD? 7 key trends in Europe

A new report offers a hopeful picture of the current and future CBD landscape in Europe. We explore how, when, and why (or why not) people are using CBD products.

CBD-infused products are popping up everywhere, from your local grocers to the high street pharmacy. The potential benefits of CBD are well reported, but how many people are actually incorporating it into their daily routines? Is there a growing appetite for CBD as cannabis (and attitudes around it) becomes increasingly liberated?


Satanic herbs and royal medicine: a (brief) history of cannabis in the UK

Whether for fibre, food or medicine, cannabis has been a part of life for thousands of years. The stigma around it, however, is relatively new.

Read on for an overview of the history of cannabis in the UK.

Humans and cannabis have had a symbiotic relationship since the thawing of the Ice Age. Cannabis has been cultivated for fibre, food, medicine, religious purposes, and recreational amusement for around 12,000 years, spreading across Eurasia to almost every corner of the world through explora

Could medical cannabis play a role in treating substance misuse?

Dr Nat Wright, clinical advisor to European cannabis company AltoVerde, discusses how cannabis can play an important role in treating substance misuse and in alleviating the over-prescription of opioids.

Medical cannabis became legal in the UK in 2018 and in the four years since, the number of patients has grown to upwards of 20,000.

On the NHS, medical cannabis is prescribed for only a handful of conditions including epilepsy, nausea caused by chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis-related musc
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